Lik Loung: The Tai “Great Text” Tradition

The history of Tai Lik Loung or the Shan “great text” is at least 500 years old. The Tai words “Lik Loung” literally mean “great text” [lik = text; loung = great], referring to a type of Shan poetic literature, most of which were composed especially for recitation rituals, namely, reading out loud to an audience at certain religious ceremonies.

The Tai communities also have a long tradition of making Lik Loung manuscript texts and donate them to the monasteries. Hence Lik Loung texts can be found everywhere in Shan communities. The problem is that most of these are still preserved in manuscripts which are facing various types of dangers and threats.

This website is a home of Lik Loung research projects and activities including the Lik Loung Conference (LLC) that has become a central forum for international and traditional local Lik Loung scholars to meet and exchange their knowledges and research findings in the Lik Loung literature. The LLC also provides a forum for discussion and planning for the preservation and working towards a complete catalogue of old Lik Loung manuscripts.

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